Centro Economico Italo Macedone (CEIM) is a private initiative aimed to promote the economic relations between Italy and Macedonia. CEIM provides consulting services, technical and operative assistance, logistics and translation; it also participates in tenders and joint projects in various fields.

CEIM has a registered headquarter in Skopje, Macedonia. It is ready to cooperate with Italian business entities, public institutions, economic research institutes, foundations and associations willing to promote / expand business initiatives in Macedonia and the Region. Following the same logic, CEIM offers consulting services to Macedonian companies interested in launching business initiatives in Italy.

The services offered by CEIM rely on methodological and analytical approach as well as on communication and exchange of information appropriate for the conditions imposed by the highly integrated markets, taking into account also the specific needs of its clients. CEIM performs its activities in accordance with the internationally recognized quality standards and best business practices.