CEIM launched new business initiative - PelleITALIA.

Our PelleITALIA Branch Office performs activities consisting of import and sale (both wholesale and retale) of Italian leather on Macedonian and regional markets, covering several countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria and Greece. It means a combined market of over 20 million people, servicing more than 1000 companies that make regular use of leather in their production processes.

The PelleITALIA concept is designed and meant to satisfy completely the needs for high-quality leather of the intermediary consumers, i.e. furniture manufacturers, shopping malls, hotels, institutions, representative offices, leather products / shoes / garment manufacturers, artisans etc. Special attention is given also to private and business high-end consumers willing to refresh their homes, offices and/or points of sale.

The showroom is the first of its kind in the region with the exhibition room appropriate for such a refined product as leather. The unique Made in Italy style and the simplicity of the exibition room make the exibited leather shine in all its beauty, splendour and fragrance to the satisfaction of its true lovers.

Let us invite You to pay a visit and enjoy the relaxing ambient of our showroom. Furthermore, we invite You to visit our Facebook account and become part of our growing family. This way You will support a vision turning to be a true legend - the legend of PelleITALIA.

Click on the link in order to get familiar with PelleITALIA Project.