Macedonia has implemented a number of social and political reforms, advancing this way towards a true democratic society and free market economy. The mid-term result of such reforms is the political and macroeconomic stability, providing much room for growth. As evidence for the success of the reform course of the country, The World Bank has ranked Macedonia among the top reformers worldwide in the recent years (3rd best reformer in "Doing Business 2010" Report).
There are many reasons to invest in Macedonia such as: duty–free access to a market of over 650 million customers through multilateral and bilateral free trade agreements, excellent strategic position, flat corporate and personal income tax rates at 10%, 0 tax on retained earnings, one-stop-shop system for company registration within 24 hours, excellent infrastructure, available workforce, as well as special incentives package for the potential investors in the Technological–Industrial Development Zones.


Alongside the reforms, Macedonian Governmеnt has implemented a massive infrastructure modernization program, including public investments in new plants for production of electricity, distribution of gas ecc. (the Public Investment Program 2009-2016 foresees allocation of financial means up to EUR 3,5 bln for development of the energy sector).
In that respect, the modernization / construction of the highway and railway along Corridor X is underway, whereas the commencement of the works on Corridor VIII is expected for the upcoming period (an excellent opportunity to be taken into consideration by companies willing to participate in tenders).
In 2011 the two international airports in Skopje and Ohrid have been also modernized, ensuring rapid and reliable air transportation at reasonable prices.


As mentioned above, the Government made an enormous effort in order to attract foreign investments by adopting a set of laws governing the relevant policies and grant under specific conditions of significant subsidies and assistance to foreign investors.
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